Illman (illman) wrote,


To do list

  • buy dinner points from cashier (only open in the morning, B16)

  • also, at the cashier's, put money on the strip of the card

  • go to see college nurse (9 a.m. - noon) about blood test and prescription info

  • if needed go to bank before seeing the cashier

All that has to be done in the morning, so I have to probably see the nurse before the first lecture. This better not drag on. Seriously, one should think that most people are actually off campus in the morning. (I have no idea how this works elsewhere. We live on the campus of our college, but the lectures are being held in the science area of the University where also the various labs and the science library are. It's like 15 - 20 min on foot.)

Study type things to do

  • 10 a.m. Maths lecture

  • work on org. chem assignements by reading the chapter on bases

  • consult material from lecture and last year about org chem assignement

  • 4 p.m. Maths tutorial

  • file away old lecture notes

  • copy relevant pages with equations and thermodynamic cycles from Johnson book

  • return books no longer needed, look for org. Chem book


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