January 4th, 2004


What to do, what to do

I really need to plan on how to get back to school in January.

The options are:

  • the bus, which costs the least but it takes 21 hours to get from home to St.Catz and crossing the channel by ferry makes me seasick

  • the train, which costs too much, but is much faster, but having to change trains in both Paris and Ashford isn't fun

  • the plane, is very fast, but expensive plus it's near impossible to get from where I live to the airport without a car

Any advice?
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(no subject)

I just noticed that I haven't got a calendar for 2004. All I seem to have bought lately is a USB hub and Alias season 2 DVDs. I also need to get a birthday present for my brother.
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Must bury laptop

otherwise I'll never get through all my study assignements. My studies should take prioroty over on-line activities, so I'll cut back forgo the latter for a while.
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