February 13th, 2004


It's doable if I say it is.

A very disturbing dream nightmare (think political figures as rapists) drove me out of bed and to the computer. Since I'm currently sharing my slow internet connection, I'm not to download anything during the weekend, hence it will be until next week before I get the new CSI and Wat episodes. I also have Stargate SG1 and Enterprise left over from this week. I'm even further behind on watching, aside from Collapse )

Must finish project this weekend. At least its fannish. But it needs a deadline, so arbitrarily, I've decided that it'll be done by midnight on Sunday.

My mom thinks I need a new hobby (other than the internet that is), she recommended that I take up knitting. I don't think that I'll get that bored over the next year, but you never know.
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