July 6th, 2004


another one of those posts

My Best Friend is nutmeggies
Our 5 common interests are: languages, reading, science, tv, writing
Who is your best friend?
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Thanks starbuck42 , trigeekgirl and ximene_xuxa for past help with unknown words. Here is the new list. Anyone want to brag with their vocabulary? I'll be most humbled *G* Seriously, the English language has a scary numbers of words to express tiny nuances.

still unknown:
harles reade
boonie hat

to unscrunch
to buck (Suddenly the sofa bucked and moved)
to rankle (Yes it was sort of an invasion of his privacy, and there was a definite part of him that rankled at needing help, but there also was a certain comfort in having someone else around)
Is it "Who kissed who first?" or "Who kissed whom first?"
What is this phrase about: Never, ever let unethical ethicists let me die for them?

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