July 19th, 2004


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Today, I'm going to have my last French class before summer vacation. Although the commute to that job is long, I will miss it in the summer. I like teaching adults. Since it's the last class, I'm not going to pester anyone with a test today, the plan is seeing a French movie with German subs and doing some vocab on the side. If the movie is too over the head of the students however and they cannot follow at all, then we will do a dramatic reading of a play (but I used to hate dramatic readings when I was still in school). But we did it before, and people actually volunteered to read.
The muse is drawing me towards Photoshop, but that'll have to wait, there are errands to be run before work. Aparently there are things that can't be done online yet, standing in line at the post office is one of them. Also, my stone-aged cell phone is finally fixed and needs to be picked up. But buying stuff, I really get most things online. Shopping is evil. What did people do before you could order online from the drugstore? *G*

ETA: The class got cancelled. Meep. I was also kind of hoping to get hired for a summer course, but since my boss hasn't said anything yet, I guess it isn't going to happen. The other French teacher probably got the summer course. I should look for another job. But the parentals, especially Dad disapprove of me having a job.

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