July 21st, 2004


How do you picture it?

In the book I'm just reading, the hero/author (do you say hero if it's a non-fictional account? probably not) made up for broken bicycle brakes on a steep downhill mountain drive by tying a very big log of wood to the back of the bike. Now I immediatly thought, this could never ever have worked. (I have driven a bicycle without working brakes and to slow down I either dragged my feet or, once, drove into shrubbery. But besides not being suitable methods of braking when you're going very fast, writing about that in your book doesn't make you look very ingenious.) The thing with the log didn't leave me alone, so I told bro about it. He got a really good laugh about it. Unfortunatly not about the stupidity of the authors makeshift brakes - but about the way I had I had pictured the whole thing. The book didn't give any specifics and I just got the mental immage of the both ends of the log being tied to the back of the bike. Done like that, the log would of course also roll, slamming into the bike, that's why I thought it wouldn't work. It never occured to me to set this thing up differently. Which is most likely the way it was done. If only one end is tied, the log will actually be dragged, slowing down the author. I still think the idea is pretty risky and as far as plans go has some holes such as getting around curves with the entire thing tied to the bike. Besides, the plan sounds like something people would follow through with on TV or maybe in fanfic, but not in real life. But just because I might not have to guts to do it, doesn't mean that other people haven't got them either *G*.
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