September 13th, 2004



I'm considering calling in sick at work. I've never called in sick at work aside from the time when I was in the hospital. Calling in sick feels wrong, and today I'm only physically exhausted and tired. But I've been to work sick, exhausted and suicidal before. I've stood at the train station on my way home from work and considered thowing myself in front of an incoming train. In comparison physical exhaustion doesn't seem like a valid reason to miss work. But I slept all morning aside from a doctors appointment where doc was very concerned about my slow speech and low functionality. I appear lacking in the IQ department. Furter appts. on Thursday and next Tuesday. Maybe I should have gone to the emergency room last night after a backed into an opened window. But it only left a big bump and a headache. I so didn't feel like wasting my time sitting around for three hours on a Sunday night.

ETA: No need to call in sick. I called the secreatary. She said that the professor hadn't given the first class yet, so the tuturing group (which I'm teaching) is cancelled this week. Yay, I can stop worrying about bumbing into thing, I can go back to the couch.

The WaT, Profiler and Alias DVDs arrived today, I'm still waiting on some books. Let the viewing begin. I finally started watching Atlantis yesterday. I was pretty whacked out, so I has a bit of trouble following, but it was good. Definetly a show to keep watching even though I'm going to cut down from last year.

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