September 16th, 2004


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The TEE went fine. Thanks to the sedative, I wasn't nervous or recall very much. They should use that stuff at the dentist's. *G* Afterwards, they let me doze for an hour, then I was free to wobble back to the car which my mom had parked about two miles from the hospital. She wanted to park for free. So we parked in some community nature park. Behind a fence there were dangerous looking things with antlers.

Still sleepy. Will see how the rest of the day plays out.

ETA: oh, crap, damn streamload and their skimpy file descriptions. Gravitation is in Japanese (at least I'm fairly cerain that is what they speak without any subtitles. I knew it was originally in Japanese, but if it's on ezalbumz which is frequented by Brits mainly then it tends to be understandable for English speakers. But only a few eps have subtitles. *sigh* Maybe time to watch those WaT DVDs.
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A to-do-list isn't a good idea on a day like today...

but that has never stopped me. Incidentally, this week was the anniversary of my first arrest.

  • apply for a new passport

  • get rid of the six empty bottles that I can see from here and all the ones I can't see from here (Topamax makes very, very thirsty)

  • generally clean up a bit

  • get rid of empty boxes

  • study some or at least try to

  • do daily reading either a bit of a) the Labyrinth fic b) the Venom fic c) One False Move by Harlan Coben

  • play mod over at ezalbumz

whew, I'm exhausted already

ETA: Collapse )

ETA2: All done. But my brain is total mush. Maths was harder than a rock. It was basic integration, stuff I have done years ago. Topamax does make stupid :( I need to study more.
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