September 18th, 2004


Lethargy - I will beat ya ;


  • get dressed

  • continue reading the comic book

  • start reading Learning Outside the Lines

  • watch last week's SG1 and Atlantis (thanks to my amazing ability to focus after 36 hours I'm 12 minutes into the Atlantis epsiode, I haven't started on SG1)

  • learn a few new words (in progress)

  • study some Maths and revise some Chem(in progress)

  • download the requested episode of The Dead Zone

  • make a clip from above episode

  • record TV for sis

  • do research on distance education

Collapse )


  • finish up yesterday's list

  • study some

  • read in Learning Outside the Line and take some notes

  • get dressed

  • watch some DVD

  • read some of either the Labyrinth fic, the Venom or the Crash and Burn fic

  • check up on fic sites

  • check up on email and boards

  • copy vocabulary to handwritten notebook

  • check the mail

  • ETA: wait for better brain time to figure out that package from Japan

  • ETA: reboot bitchy computer

Japanese is a mystery to me. I tried learning it during my language obsessed years (which might still be going on), but gave up pretty soon and went for Mandarin Chinese instead. Some Japanese stuck.
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