September 20th, 2004


Uhhmm - can I go to bed?

So tired today. The pattern for the day so far, doing something - lying down, then repeat.
French tutoring later today, if I don't fall asleep on the commute, that is. But I should be able to tutor two 9th graders with half a brain. At least they won't mind me drinking soda to keep awake.

I looked at the financial aid application again. It says I have to submit a paper from university about repeating part of the course, it also says to notify them if one is absent from the course for more then 60 days. I guess I should have done that last year. But then, I wasn't getting any financial aid last year either. Well, they can't do less than not pay, which is what they are currently doing.

But I'm already looking forward to coming back, Atlantis has finished dling.
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