September 25th, 2004


I'm awake and it isn't a good thing - randomy tidbits

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It wouldn't by mom if she didn't know already where to get the next unofficial job. Working with at risk kids! She knows the people aparently and already got bro a little job there. He said it wasn't that bad aside from the supervisor being a bumb bitch who hates people more intelligent than her. Did I mention that bro is a worse egomanic than I am? And he has all reason to be, he really is smarter. We compete every Sunday over the crossword puzzle and every so often over science problems (mostly TV inspired).

TV moves too fast for me these days, there is too much on in a single week, I don't parse that much. My internet connection isn't that fast. I was fine with just two shows a week. People are bugging me because of the damned archives. Good thing that I gave up having any regrets when I found out about mania.

Two Provigil tablets early in the morning are a pain but seem to work. Today I got up at 6 a.m., took the tablets, then slept till 8 a.m.-ish and was awake and alert enough to read the paper. A bit tired now, but better than most days. Vision is still crap, motion seems better, except for the withdrawl muscle pain.

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