November 21st, 2004


Teenage angst and self-control of a five year old - yeah, that would be me

Done. I'm finally done with the essay. Brain did not show up for the creation of the essay, nor did concentration. Luckily, I had made good notes for it, so all I did was rewriting the notes, 10 minutes at a time, it took all day to finish. The section on L - S coupling is going to read weird, because I read up on that topic after I had gone up on the Lamotrigine. I left out everything that I didn't understand. In practical, I put in the first bit and the conclusion from the section about it in the textbook.

Important things this week

  • getting through the week

  • getting my addicted hands on biperiden and topamax

  • trying not to feel too bad about myself

While I can't remember the last evening that didn't end in crying at some point, it still stands that every bad day will end eventually. 2004 doesn't seem to be my yea (and there are a few of who might agree that it has been a bad year), so let's get it over with.

2 weeks. The whacky moods and the meds with all their nasty side effects will follow me home, I know that. But less stress, no pretending, no hiding and no 16 hour days.
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