December 18th, 2004


Should I have a point?

Reading the F-list I feel like everyone has a point, somthing to say, an opinion or any kind of valid reason to make a post. I don't, I'm just cranky. It's just the wrong time of the year. The cynic in me is coming up with lots of coments that the people around me usually don't want to hear and it least in recent years the basket case portion of me of me couldn't handle all the emotion around the much-hated Christmas.

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Otherwise, I'm still mostly in bed. Stupid experimenting around with meds stole my energy and made me all sleepy. The higher dosage is supposed to help declutter thinking even more and hence help managing daily life better.

Valium is the best thing to get rid of the tremors but even half a tablet makes me tired. Just noting observations on the meds so that I know what to tell the doc at the next appt. after Christmas.
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