January 3rd, 2005


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It's pretty weird. Aside from working, eating and sleeping, I haven't done much else today. I did read one fic and posted a couple of messages, but that was about it. Although I like to whine about the work (at least during the vacations, I have no idea how to finish all the assignments and revise for the exams - but it will work out somehow, I have made every deadline so far somehow. Even though I started revising for the exams on the flight to London last year around this time.) But I actually like studying and it bugs me that I have to work with limited resourcs during the vacations. Just as it annoys me that I need so much sleep. Today, I slept away the afternoon once again. I would have needed that time to work on my essay notes, then I could have finished the second maths sheet by now. But I had to call it a day, once the evening meds kick in, my brain turns useless.

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