January 5th, 2005


Oh why?

It was a good day. I wrote over 3000 words, covered 3/4 of the required mechanisms in Org. Chem, did a draft of the Org. Chem assignment sheet and fixed some mistakes in the maths home work. I also found the old exam papers from last year. Just the Maths one is missing. Once I'm done with all the homework, I'll have a look at those papers. So it was a good day, I didn't mind the studying. The mechanism are fascinating to me in spite of involving a lot of memorizing and Maths isn't bad either even though I'm not too good at it. But I like it more than high-school Maths which was very easy but very boring.

Took all the meds like I should, but I'm still down and crying at every the slightest thing this evening. I so don't understand what is going on in that whacky head of mine. Messing up with the meds yesterday didn't help and neither did getting only 10 hours of sleep. Especially since the missed meds threw me for a loop and after two hours of agitated pacing, I took same valium to help me sleep. 10 hours isn't very much sleep on Valium, at least not for me. Normally, when an evening ends with Valium, I'm not awake before lunchtime the next day.

So I'll head off to bed after this and think twice about getting up before 11 a.m. In the past few days. I have reserved the mornings to work in fanfics, as I want to get the WIPs finished before I go back to Oxford where I have a self-imposed ban on fanfic writing and TV viewing.

In a final note. I still haven't watched all the stuff that I have dl-ed, not the mentioned the DVDs that I got for Christmas. Same goes for the WaT and and the Alias DVDs that I ordered sometime in the fall. In spite of that, I'm still busy downloading the new Atlantis ep and CJ. I might just treat myself to some TV on the weekend after the revision collections, after all the vacation work is handed in. I'll be happy if I manage to complete every assignment before the deadline. It's 4 assignments, I have started on three of them. After that I will hopefully have some time for revision.
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