January 19th, 2005


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This term is starting off shakily. After the collections went pretty much as expected (being a realist, or some say pesimist,  my expectations for maths and physics were very low to begin with). There are three tutorials this week, for two of them, I'm still struggling with the work, my brain is refusing to work right. That's no surprise considering that I had doubled up on Topamax beause I was moodishly falling apart by the time I left home. I was seriously considering not going. It's has worked, my mood is the typical artifical flat that comes from meds.

It's getting a bit better now, today I have actually been up for most of the afternoon. (I did cheat by taking half of my last stimulant tablet). I'll get a new prescriptons on Friday for those. Without them, all I do is sleep and study. The next two days, I might be in the lab, I need to ask about that tomorrow. I have already done that experiment last year, so I might get out of doiung it again and have two nice free afternoons. I so need to get some sleep and go over the work from this week again. I understood most of it, even the kinetics stuff that I didn't prepare for at all.
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