January 30th, 2005


Weekends are hard times because there are no actual weekends

So far I haven't had a single free weekend in Oxford ever. It's just not possible. During the week, work piles up and the deadlines are always on Sunday evening and/or Monday morning so the weekend is vital for completing work and maybe reviewing the ton of material covered during the week. Just maybe. I'm still doing the homework, which is due in less than four hours. I've been at it since after breakfast, now I need a break, the deadline will be no problem. Some of the questions I probably won't figure out, but that's not the point, the point is to try and read up on the subject and try to apply the knowledge. I'm done with the first organic chem sheet (9 pages) and have around three quarters of what I can answer of the second sheet which is a lot harder. I also have to finish maths, but I can do that in the evening (but I'd rather finish that earlier). It's due at noon tomorrow. The new maths lecturer sets much harder question that the previous one, even the maths tutor agreed on that. So far I have one out of fourteen questions, but there are probably some more that I can figure out. Good that homework isn't graded. The entire first year is pass only. I never thought that when studying chemistry, I'd also study maths and physics. Biology lectures start later this term, as well as some extra physics problems classes with the tutors in college. That's going to give such a nice schedule. But at least it will be the maths tutor giving the basic physics classes, he is very patient even when people make elementary mistakes or ask questions about things they should know.


All right, I'm done with what is due at 5 p.m. today. That's good. Not so good is that I'm stuck with the Synthesis problems for tomorrow. Right now, I can't focus on it anymore. Guess, it'll have to wait until later. I'll ask Hyun tomorrow what he wrote on some of those problems, because some question, I'm just like huh . Maybe I'll see whether I'll find him today, although I don't know where he lives.
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So done with

Not even done with half the maths homework. Most of it I have plain no idea what to do, we simply have not covered those things in the lecture and my brain is too fried to read up anything in a book now. I called the doctor last week about my recent mental instability ( I guess that's what you call it when you end up sobbing uncontrollably every evening until you either are totally exausted and fall asleep or knock yourself out with a couple of valium). She told me to go up on one of the meds. Side effects didn't wait too long to show up, for the past couple of days, I've had quite intense headaches. I tried to get everything done today, even met up with Hyun to work on the maths today. I wish I could still work in the evening, but once the evening meds start working stuff like maths just isn't possible anymore. I can work maybe until 8 p.m., but that's it.

Yeah, I'm frustrated about not having gotten all the work done and I'm also frustrated about the med side effect.
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