March 1st, 2005


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Poor concentration so far, but I went to lectures and used most of my better moments to work on the stuff due next Monday. Objectively that's good, but I still feel bad, like I'm not making enough of an effort. But I know, it's not me, I and I couldn't study even if I wanted to, I can't even read a fanfic and know afterwards what I have read.

One of my goals this week is getting ahead with the two inorganic chem assignments and get them mostly finished before the weekend. I can't start doing the maths questions before Friday because the include material from the lecture on Friday. It all depends on what I feel up to doing. Some days I have no problem working all afternoon and evening, but on other days, an hour is all I manage.

Physics tutorial coming up in 90 minutes, think I'll lie down a bit before that. I don't even want to know what grade I got for that homework.

ETA: The physics tutorial went rather well. I got 49% on the assignment. Aside from things that I didn't figure out how to solve, I lost a lot of points on minor mistakes such as not labelling diagramms, slopping reading from graphs and not paying attention to the units. Stil, I'm very happy to have gotten something over 40 for the first time this term. (unfortunatly the other tutors don't mark the work on a point scale, so I can't compare with other subjects)
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11 Days

In spite having an objectively good day, it ended in the usual manner: crying, shaking and feeling generally overwhelmed and upset. But I'm almost done getting through today and that's all that counts at the moment. Thinking about that helps me to calm down a bit (okay that and some Akineton to ease the shaking).

I'll deal with tomorrow with its packed schedule (two lectures in the morning, the meeting with the tutor during luch break and two 90 min tutorial back to back in the afternoon from 3 - 6) as I go along.
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