March 2nd, 2005


10 Days

Done with the day with the crazy schedule. Information overload and there is so much that I should be going over now. All those derivations for the equations from the quantum mechanics assignments (I had memorized the equations that seemed most relevant to the types of problems we were doing and hadn't bother to learn how to derive them. Too much calculus). In maths I actually had understood the basic points of the method, but my brain must have been on another planet when it came to the application of the method.
This term was pretty much a low so far on every level, except for meds, they did their job for once. Everything else went downhill. Even the tutors didn't have much luck this term.
Sophie, one of the two Physics tutors managed to get a hip fracture playing soccer and the maths tutor wrecked an arm in an ice hockey accident.

But it's only ten more days. I can do 10 days.
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