April 8th, 2005


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12,250 / 20,000

It's coming along. Another chapter of Good Intention is finished in draft form. I typed it up on the AlphaSmart and transfered it over just now. Some scenes need an edit, especially a dream sequence that I have in there. Good Intentions was supposed to be a 4 Chapter fic, but now that I have written the fourth chapter, the end is not in sight yet. It will take at least another chapter, if not longer to get there. Fics have a habit of doing that to me. Space Pirates was set out to be a three parter, now I'm at chapter 11 with quite a few more to go.

Mt latest musical discovery - Dar Williams - is quickly turning into a new musical love. It's music that I like most for its lyrics.

Still stressing about school workload, but trying to keep it to a day to day basis. I do as much as I can each day. Some days it's more, some days it's less.
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    Dar Williams - The Christians and The Pagans