April 9th, 2005


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Not my day today. Headache and exhausted all day. I've been tempted to lie in bed most of the day, instead I was up and tried to revise calculus. I'll probably finish up with the intergration revision tomorrow. That leaves DE and I have already done a few second order ones for the homework sheet.

In other notes, I'm surpised at myself. Even though I can and do get DVD SGA eps from S1 illegally (copies from the rental DVDs), so far up to The Defiant One , I still got the legal DVD with the first four eps on it. I must be nuts.

There was writing floating through my head as I was trying to nap today, but I haven't actually written anything yet. I might jot down some notes tonight, but I doubt that I'll write anything. I'll try to edit the draft from yesterday though.
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