April 29th, 2005


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Nice entry got all deleted.

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21,676 / 20,000

Well, I won there today.  But the amount of fic that has generated seems like it amounts to way more than just 20K worth of words. I will never understand how I ever managed to write a 90k words WaT fic. My four parter SGA fic would maybe have been that long, it's 40k+ for part 1 and part 2 minus the final chapter. But canon so ruined that fic.  The last chapter of Good Intentions brought on some critical reviews. Two about spelling. Funny thing is, one of them had already reviewed an earlier chapter and decleared the fic unreadable due the spelling and grammar mistakes. One reviewer claimed that the story was disjointed. There was a point to that. The story has a lot of plotlines going on and the last chapter, a very long chapter advanced most of them. So there were a lot of different scenes, switching between the storylines. I will probably keep the next chapter shorter, focussing on only some of the story lines. That also fits that timeline, as at the point in time, nothing is happening elsewhere in the story and it is being told from a linear perspective.
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