May 13th, 2005


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Owie, I've got a headache. Either I got up too early -  8 a.m. - or it's side effects from Lamictal or Provigil again. As usual Motrin isn't helping any and I can't take Tylenol. The carton have been picked up. I'm sure tomorrow my arms and shoulders are going to ache from lugging the six heavy cartons down and across the parking lot.

Then my favourite torrent download page was down, so I had to hunt for alternatives. but luckily I found other sites to get last night's TV episodes.

I still have a few things to do before leaving on Sunday:

  • return the library books

  • pack the remaining stuff

  • possibly go to the post office tomorrow if things to not fit in the suitcase at all

  • make a few runs to the trash container

  • put rented DVDs in the mail

  • return everything borrowed ?

  • go to drugstore

Not too bad, just the drugstore bit as aggravating. I was there on Thursday to get my prescription filled. They didn't have everything on it. I came back today. They had everything except they were short four tablets of Topamax. Argh! The queue was the length of the Midgard serpent today. Well, no choice but to go back tomorrow. Then I'll be well stocked again for a while. At least for a few weeks. There will probably a few changes ahead. I discussed it with the college doc and he made a few suggestions as to what I could try next.

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