October 30th, 2005


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I didn't get to go home for good yet, just for overnight leave over the weekend. Pretty disapointed that it's going to be at least another few days, probably another week. Although, it's get less horrible. I'm probably just getting used to it.

Still I'm having a good weekend at home, catching up on on my email, some fanfic and just plain enjoying being home. I'm not too much into fandom right now. RL has taken over for the time beinfg and I can'twatch new eps anyways. But I'm browsing the lists every time I get on-line and I copy-pasted a few interesting looking fics for reading back at the hospital when I'm bored again. I'm having trouble reading from the screen again, must be one of those meds again, like the one I had early this year. It's still workable though. I am catching up on the last seasons of CSI and WaT in the evenings. WaT is amazingly good, but I found some cases a bit too predicatable. So far S1 is still my favourite. CSI is good entertainment and LV still beats Miami, but that's about it. I still don't like Grissom, think Sara has serious mood issues and have no doubt that Catherine is on crack. And where did Nick win is high school diploma? But it's good entertainment and what more do I want in 45 minutes? It's a lot funnier than Law and Order, although a lot of the hilarity is unintentional.

For the new season, I'm downloading SGA, SG1, CSI, Crossing Jordan, Numb3rs, Alias and Without a Trace. Alias is tentative until I have caught up with the fourth season. Law and Order airs too often to download all the time (or my internet connection at home is too slow, but I live out of range of cable internet). But for the moment, I'm not downloading anything until I get back home for good. Not to mention that there is so much that I didn't manage to watch last season.

This weekend I signed up for this year's NaNoWriMo. I have been participating in 2002 and 2003, with actually finishing in 2003. I must be really crazy, as I will still be stuck at the hospital at the beginning of November. But theoretically, I can write there. I have my laptop there anyways, I might as well use it to write. Time isn't a problem either. Compared to working full time or studying, the days are pretty unfullfilled. The fatigue makes up for it, I guess.

Also, I can't read very well at the moment. A lot of new meds in the past few weeks and my head is still pretty foggy. It's what bothers me most, the lack of focus and the bad memory. I hope it gets better as I get used to the meds (or I can go down with some of the meds again, never been on this much). Well, I'll see how well I can write and if I can't write, it's not the end of the world either, I'll just have to put my projects on ice a bit longer. Eventually, I'll manage again. In the meantime, I'll watch TV, and if I can't concentrate on TV, I'll watch sports and on the days when sports are too difficult, I'll listen to music.

Right now, I'm trying to knit. Everyone else is knitting or smoking, or doing both. I don't smoke. So I'll try knitting. What can go wrong with a scarf? I did one years ago, I even did socks once, so it shouldn't be too hard. I'm going to get the yarn tomorrow afternoon when I'm off from therapy (on Monday, this would be all of 'morning stretching' and 'walking').

I'm sorry I didn't have time to read your lj's recently. I have taken looks at the flist from time to time but didn't manage to stay up to date with it. Just not enough on-line time and real life being problematic. A few people defriended me and I can see why. I haven't been on lj for weeks and before that things were very repetetive/negative (I actually read through it, things were not going well for some time). But some journal (that were friends-only or virtually friends only) I would have liked to continue to read.
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