February 16th, 2006


Now this was a bust...

The visit to this college is turning out to be a collosal waste of a perfectly good day. The delyed train didn't surprise my much, so I was in rather good spirits when I got to the city. It got downhill from there. I couldn't find the bus stop (near the train station wasn't precise enough) and when I finally had the rightt bus I was about 30 minutes late. Still, I got there in time. The class <i was supposed to attend to get a feel for it was writing an exam so there was nothing to do. The teacher I was suposed to talk to only had about 5 minutes and I learned nothing more than I already knew from the website. I looked a bit around the campus and gee, is it big (and ugly modern architecture ;). Technically, I'm done now. This is very different from my experience visiting the two UK colleges during the application process. I'm surprised, but not in a good way. ETA: Being home early and having a day off from work is good on the other hand. I already studied for the next chem assignment, so that I only need to do some more maths later, then I can write fic and watch TV. I might as well call the guys in Oxford and ask until when exactly they need the medical eval and how long that would take, just so that I know. (and because my phone bill is not high enough). After the disappointing vistit and the lengthy commute, the idea of studying in the local area has gotten a lot less attractive (because that was the more interesting of the two colleges withing commuting range)
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