April 6th, 2006


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I can't say that I'm over not being able to go to college, it's still making me mad and very sad at the same time.  This makes for a lack of future plans. Expect for: write fanfic and wait for summer to come. Not I have a problem with that as it is, but I'm not getting younger and since high-school, it has been going downhill pretty steeply. But hey, there are the fancy projects, such as finally getting a homepage up and running, finishing those WIPs, seeing the floor of my room again...

The last week I was busy with a maths project for the online course. It went all right, the trig functions part is almost certainly right, I did enough of that in colllege. The conics I had no clue about it, I had never seen the equation of a circle before since I took statistical maths in school and in college it was all about algebra. The graph I drew looked pretty bad, and not like the one I drew with WinPlot at all, but it was required to draw by hand. It sorta looks like there was a mini earth quake at the time. But it will probably be ages until the results are posted. The ones for last months work aren't even up yet.

I did get a letter saying that I passed the Genetics course that I took last year. So the effort I put into the final project paid off (even though making the diagramm with vector drawing software took up most of the time). I'm planning to get the next Chem work started earlier. I'm a last minute worker, but having to snail mail the work for chem because of the drawings makes it difficult to estimate postal delays. It took almost a week the last time.

Since I finished Space Pirates which took me 16 months to write, I'm not quite sure what to write next.

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Added a new SGA S3 Promo to my site http://www.streamload.com/hyperio1/@lantis/TV_clips/SGAPromo.avi

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