June 8th, 2006


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I finished my maths assignment. It's been a struggle. A nasty bug flattened me at the beginning of the week and I'm still pretty tired, but that could be the side effects.

I have officially reached the half-way mark of my math classes. October seems an eternity away, especially when there is a lot to do. Chem is due in a week and I haven't gotten started yet. It doesn't look like anything I haven't read about, but really want to sleep for a day or two. I'm short on the Risperdal. I faxed my prescription to the city pharmacy at the beginning of the week, and the meds stil haven't arrived. My pills only last till Saturday:/ But I'm doing pretty good.

But the best thing, since yesterday I have faster internet! I had no internet for about a day, but it's twice as fast now. Yeah!
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