June 14th, 2006


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My outlook on the world has very much improved in the last few days, so I guess I was just having a one off night. What a relief! I'm always scared that the meds will stop working for me. The side effects are a bother, but everything is better than not having the meds.

I finished the rough draft on chem assignment yesterday and except for one part of a question, I figured things out okay. I'm in the process of typing it all out neatly since my handwriting is terrible.

My mother's birthday is tomorrow and I promised cake. Since she only decided today on which cake she wants, it's too late to have to ingredients delivered (and it's pretty expensive in summer anyways with extra cooling) so I have to go to the store in the afternoon. It's already too hot outside and I'd rather watch the soccer World Cup on TV, but for a birthday cake, even I go to the supermarket, phobic or not ;)
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