July 11th, 2006


Getting Back On Track

I seem to be getting over the cold that has flattened me for much of the last week. It's still very much Side Effect City, but yesterday I finallyhad enoughand went out to get a scripts for anti-nausea meds. The stuff makes drowsy (but what doesn't aside from Keppra maybe), but at least it's better than sipping Gatorade for days. I did read more last week than in the lst six months combined. NormallyI listen to audiobook instead of reading. I'm reading Collapse )

The July deadline on the Chem class has been pushed back to early August. I read the assignment, I can do most of it easily, but right now, still I'm glad that I didn't have to do it last week. The summer school for which I didn't sign up is starting soon. I could probably have managed all right, I only failed one lab assignment on the first try in two years and back then I was doing a lot worse. But as it turns out, I will teenager-sitting during the summer when my parents are visting Scotland for a month and Bro is in taking extra college classes.
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