August 25th, 2006



I spent half the night stressing about streamload instead of working for college. I have an assignment to type until 2 p.m. and I'm still 500 words short. I'm just not that wordy.

The change to mediamax is lacking at all end right now. I can't upload anything and links are sometimes working at best. If you need a file urgently, I will try to sort it out for you. The old links I posted on various sites should still be good, but right now, they don't work reliably. Apologies to everyone whose stuff I'm hosting.
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One done, one more to go!

Only one assignment left for this month. It has been busy. I'm going to get started tomorrow as it's due on the 30th. Fortunatly it's just a multiple choice assignment.

Bad side efects today, but still it's a good day. I have Missing episodes to watch and I dled the new show Vanished this morning. The couch seems like a good idea until dinner.
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