October 9th, 2006


TV thoughts on various shows

I just caught up with this week's Vanished, and frankly I'm baffled. Collapse )

I watched a single episode of Angela's Eyes. The premise sounded hinky to me, but I have an open mind when it comes to TV. I did watch Missing after all. Angela irritated me the entire episode long. Somehow, I cannot picture her working for the FBI, the same goes to some degree for the rest of her team. Maybe I should have watched the pilot first, but in the episode I did watch, I think it was the second or forth ,Collapse )

Law and Order's revolving door has brought us a bunch of new character's. LoA isn't big on little us in on the character's lives, so I don't miss most of them too much.They only have lives in fanfic;) Certainly not the last ADA. I like the new ADA, I hope she lasts a little longer than her predecessors.

CSI:Miami seems to have left realism in the dust with its cross-season arch. Some of that happened so fast, I didn't get it all. I don't have a desire to watch those episodes again.

Aside from all the moaning and bitching about TV, there was a lot that I liked about that start of the TV season. The Numb3rs two-parter was great, the cast addition to Bones (Dr. Saroyan?) is livening things up and the first two episodes of Cold Case were quite good too.

SGA, SG-1 and Ørnen episodes are on ice at the moment, until after the 18th, when my exams are over.
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