November 5th, 2006


NaNo - Day 4 (belated)

Yesterday, I didn't make my daily quota, only around 1.3k. I'm still ahead, but yesterday was one of the bad days. Bad pain day. I only fell alseep towards morning and got up for lunch now.
All the playing around with Dramatica Pro didn't help to get more written, but at least, I figured out a tentative plot. My first NaNo novel in 2003 had no plot beyond the basic idea of 'let's get somebody whumped' and 'let's get them in bed', so even if the plot falls flat, which it might since I don't think it's a very interesting plot, this should be doable.

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NaNo - Day 5

I made today's quota, but whether any of it makes any sense, I have no idea. A character from another show (Ornen), insisted on appearing in my novel, so he is in there now. I can always change the name later. Most of his background is pretty vague and translated off the official site anyways.