November 15th, 2006


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Went to see my GP today because it didn't occur to my doctor that 28ct box of Zonegran wouldn't last a month when taken twice daily. He had never heard of Zonegran but wrote my a script anyways. Pharmacy has to order it, but they said I could pick it up tonight. I might also get some Pepperidge Farm cookies which I only noticed today are available here.

Edit: Back from town. I now got cookies and pills. Yay!

I haven't forgotten about nano, the post for yesterday and today is coming up

The TV note:

I have been watching a lot of Cold Squad while I have been writing, mainly because I downloaded the first three seaons a while ago and they were taking up space on my hd. Despite the similar premise to Waking the Dead and Cold Case, I'm not very taken by the show. The highlight was David Nykl in two episodes of the third season. I'm working on uploading them for those interested.

"I have been fired more times than I have been hired" - This tidbit of dialogue puzzled me today on Crossing Jordan. How exactly does one do that while still being gainfully employed?
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