November 16th, 2006


NaNo - Day 14 and Day 15

My NaNoWriMo Progress

I don't think I can stand another sentence of this story. I have pretty much finished the first part of the story which is set mainly on Atlantis. There are some scene that will probably get the axe during December because they don't really contribute anything to the story, except words. A bit of a Beckett/Cadman romance snuck into my gen fic, along with a few appearances of Hallgrim Hallgrimsson, a character from a Danish TV show. That screams for editing, but I'm determined not to start editing until December 1st. On a random note, I need to make some icons for my more obscure fandoms like Ornen and Waking the Dead. First, I should get some sleep though, after I finish the 50k.

I'm pretty satisfied with my wordcount at the half-way mark. It took me a while to get going really, but the second week, the story almost wrote itself. Luckily, I don't have anything to do but write. The results of my courses this year are going to be out on December 15th, and I have until then to chose my classes for next year as well.
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NaNo - Day 16

Today has been a bleak day, mood and pain wise. I cried my way through the afternoon and ended up popping diclofenac for pain in the evening. I only got around 300 words written today. Better after some sleep, I hope.
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