November 21st, 2006


SGA Fic: Mindscape Chapters 1-3/15 (FRT-13)

Title: Mindscape

Author: Illman

Category: gen, h/c, post-episode

Rating: FRT-13

Beta: DianeM

Date completed: 11/19/06

Feedback: All comments are appreciated.

Warnings: some violence, drug use

Disclaimer: It's their universe, not mine.

Summary: A mysterious attacker is roaming Atlantis and John soon falls under suspicion, but he is not the only one behavong stranegly. Post The Hive story.

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Links to the other parts:
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NaNo Day 20 and Day 21

Serious pain issues today that drove me out of bed at 5 a.m. I did manage to call Dell support this afternoon and they'll replace my wonky keyboard and the support guy help my fix my DVD-drive on the spot. Only the soundcard problem isn't covered by warrantly so I'll hold off an getting it fixed - it's only the headphone's port that doesn't work anymore.

At 59,894 words tonight and exhausted.
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