December 9th, 2006


Lists, Lists, I love lists

Still somewhat lethargic and with a bad headache. I have been watching too much TV lately, despite a full to do list.

I have to

  • mail Christmas cards

  • shop for the rest of the presents

  • sign up for at least one more class for next year

  • write, write, write - I plan to get the first few chapters of the sequel to Mindscape posted sometime next week

  • work on my Danish vocabulary - without subtitles to the episodes, I don't understand everything that is going on

  • do some cleaning

  • finally delete the stories I'm never going to finish from

But first, I shall take a nap and hope it banishes my headache.

As for TV, I need to watch stuff that's less depressing.

Not like the third season of Oernen. The storylines are usually quite dark, but especially the in first season, there were the canon relationships to bring in some levity. The third season was just out and out dark. Collapse )
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