January 6th, 2007

Who Specs

A few late new year's resolutions

Apologies, I have been neglecting my journal those last few days. Linux and my server have taken up most of my time with the result that I decided to shell out the extra bucks for running windows server edition. Either I'm too dumb for linux or some of the apps are just a pain :/ Making better use of the server I'm going to be stuck with for at least a year, although I didn't really get a good monthly rate plus the hard drive is a bit too big for my needs.

Another resolution is to either finish my started fanfictions or delete them from any and all archives. I have already started on the outstanding epiloge for my long-going WaT story.

This week there was a rather interesting article in the paper about a guy in Denmark who runs of a sort of temp agency for people with autism spectrum disorders. It really motivated me to get going again with social services / the job center.

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I really need to get to bed now. I need my energy to bake birthday cake tomorrow. Sadly, the Stargate Season 9 DVD box-set that was supposed to have been an X-Mas present still hasn't arrived. I suspect it might be lingering at customs.
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