February 9th, 2007

DH - get down

TV and the rest of real life

SGA update here

I think I get younger with age...or I'm just mentally regressing.

I have fallen out of love with TV. I just don't think its worth effort to watch anymore. After Without a Trace and Stargate Atlantis went down the drain, everything else just kind of followed. It must have been watching CSI with my mother to open my eyes to the relative stupidity of it. (okay, so Mom thinks that sci-fi is stupid, period. The only thing she likes is Cordially Yours and soap operas)

No offence to anyone who still is a fan. Maybe I'm just having a down phase :/ But TV used to me a lot more fun.

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Sidenote: The harddrive seems to work fine after all. The plug-in-into-the-wall thingy seems to be broken. Shame, it was pretty handy and it sucks having to sit in the basement to use the internet. Ordered new ones for replacements.