February 21st, 2007


Still alive and getting better slowly

I'm slowly coming out of one of the worst depressions I have had in recent years. Not my worst, but all the ingredients plus the anxienty and paranioa. I have been seeing my psychiatrist about adjusting the meds and talked to the psychologist doing the autism evaluation. Today is one of the better days in a while. I didn't spend all day in bed, instead I managed to go for a walk without having a panic attack or being totally overwhelmed. Naturally, my studies have been resting, but working ahead in time has saved my from gettingb totally behind. Still, every good day I get this week, I need to book some study time. I have some cognitive testing on Friday which will probably make me panic and stress me for days afterwards, but at least it should be the last big step on my evaluation.

Having hardly ever used the computer much less done any productive work with it, I have no idea what planet my muse is vacationing on :-/ We haven't spoken in a while. I haven't even posted my latest writing. I did finally mail ninnui's DVD and I will mail gledster2000's DVD tomorrow.

About ready to go to bed. The adjustment in meds makes me very tired, but not having had a nap this afternoon, I think I deserve a rest.
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