March 21st, 2007

Jordan - pink

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I'm in much better spitits this morning. Complaining apparently did help because I already had a talk with the hospital's children's psychiatrist (who has some experience with asperger's and ADD) this morning and it went rather well. Dr. H told me he will reconsider my diagnosis and talk to the autism specialist today. All in all, he promised to be able to give me an answer by Friday. I'm still a bit sceptical, but things are looking up.

It's excursion day today and we are going to some nearby hot springs in the afternoon. Now I'm already overdue for lunch!
CSINY - stella

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The hot springs turned out to be fake and expensive. I had no idea there were artificial hot springs. Seriously, what is the point?

Still, it was a nice change of pace. I'm pretty tired now from the hot water. I should go find the nearest ATM because a guy loaned me the money for the hot springs and I want to pay him back before we both forget.

I ate too much at teatime. I'm going to get fat if I stay here much longer;)
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