March 30th, 2007

Who Specs


I'm already pissed off and it isn't even nine yet.

Does Dr. S think I'm stupid? I told him yesterday that I'm not going to take reboxetine (and believe me, I made it clear). This morning, he pretends that I never even said anything. Since he refused to make another appointment with me, I waylayed Dr. H and gave him the news myself. Mabye someone listens this time. Of course, neither of them has called Dr. S-D ot Dr. F as I have been telling them all week. Dr. F keeps trying to call Dr. H, but he is never available.
DH - get down


I got my paper (that was really due the last weekend) printed out. Now all I need to do is fill out the accompanying form , sign it, date it, buy an envelope and mail it. Preferably today. Needless to say, I'm not going to Art Therpay. There are more pressing things in life (quite a few actually).
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