April 6th, 2007

SGA Teyla bw

Still at the hospital

...and not much new to report. I could go into the usual ranting and raving, but what's the point.

Still going down on meds mostly and trying out stuff for the bone pain issue. I suggested simply cutting the hormones back again, but Dr. H and Dr. S want to wait until the results of my latest blood test come back and they can have a look at the hormone levels to see how much subst. I actually need. I'm currently (still) refusing to take reboxetine and the issue appears to have been shelved for the moment. Nobody has brought it up in a few days now. The good things is that now that I'm off taxilan and risperdal and down on the seroquel, I'm not that tired anymore. I still take a nap most afternoons though, but I don't go to bed at 5 p.m. anymore and sleep until some nurse wakes me up to take my meds. Some really get grumpy if you forget to show up to take your pills.

There hasn't been a lot of therapy this week. The OTherapist is on vacation until late April, my legs have been aching to much to go to PT and I'm boykotting the ATherapist because I can take only so much psychobabble. Group therapy has become rather boring as a lot of the really talkative people have been discharged before Easter. I especially miss the pastor and the dentist, they could go on for most of the 90 minutes session all by themselves.

In other news, we have two nurses in training on the floor. The girl, Qu., is very nice. She has been playing a lot of scrabble with me. It took me until this week to find out there were more games in the common area than just the two decks of cards. I'm not much for board games normally, but even I can't read or knit all day long.

I have appt. with Dr. S-D next week to get a second or rather third opinion. I have been seeing her on and off for a few years. I have almost as many opinions as I have seen doctors, so I'm not sure if another one is really going to help. I have heard everything from psychosis over personality disorder to autism. Oh, and one psychologist told me she thought I wasn't ill at all. I kinda like that thought, but even I have to admit there are some areas in my life where I could use some help.

Much to my chagrin, there is not going to be a long weekend home over the holiday weekend. We are only allowed to stay away from the hospital for one night in a row. I'll probably spend Sunday and Monday at home then. Maybe going to the city library tomorrow.

I wrote some stuff for 2dozenowies. Somehow, whumping characters helps vent frustration. Once I get access to a decent computer (not that fossil in the hospital computer room), I will get it beta-ed and posted.