April 12th, 2007


Not a terribly exciting day

And I'm happy about it. Not having to leave the house is a relief. So I did some catching up on Doctor Who (squee!), wrote fic, talked to the pets, slept in, cleaned up and read for a bit. Dashiell Hammet is quickly becoming one of my favourites. Straight forward, no frills. Love it. I guess at least one good thing came out of the hospital stay - I started reading something other than fanfic or textbooks. Haven't done that in a while. Years possibly. Love that too. I did come to the conclusion that I need some icons for fandoms other than SGA. I haven't watched that since the second season and while I still love the Gateverse, my ethusiams for the show isn't really there anymore. The spoilers I've read regarding the fourth season aren't helping either.
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