May 18th, 2007

SGA Teyla bw

Computer and related woes

The laptop display gave out a few days ago, putting a temporary stop to internet and related fun. Right now, I can't affort a new laptop, at least not one with extended warranty. I get paid quarterly, which means I get money for the second quarter in July. But having been in the hospital for a little over a month, I didn't exactly log a lot of hours in the last three months. Maybe I can get the parentals to chip in once the reimbursement of the hospital bill comes through. My mother already came to the realization that I really need a laptop. Heh, my addiction to the 'net must really be obvious!

For the moment, I was able to borrow a nice big flat screen monitor was a small blind spot from work where it was only sitting around in a closet.

Otherwise, still feeling pretty blah, but saner and very busy with school work.
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