June 27th, 2007

Skins - Cassie

Turkish Thoughts

I'm still beat from Monday, I think. I have been sleeping a lot, but I'm still very tired. Work was a chore today (but no more book reports!). At least I learned a new word - bekle! which means wait! and which should extend my Turkish vocabulary to about seven words.

Sometimes, it annoys me that I don't know what to kids are talking about, but most of the time I'm glad. Since I don't know the language, the constant chatter pretty much fades into the background of noises ;-)

Suprisingly, considering how off my game I am these days, it's been a good day uni-wise. 82% in the lastest S250 essay and I'm half-way through the SXR205 multiple choice tests with one miss so far. As for attending the SXR205 residential school, I'm still undecided. There is the possibility of doing alternative project work if one can't attend for health reasons and Dr. S-D thinks that would be a good idea and would of course provide me with the necessary documentation. But I'll feel like a wimp if I don't go.

Maybe I should just sleep on it some more.

The meme which proves that you watch too much TV

I'm actually making a list of fics that I want/need to read because I tripping over promising sounding stories posted on various lists and/or recced by people and I don't have the time to read any fanfiction. Since I already have a list of TV shows and movies that I need to watch if I ever get around to it (and some items have been on the list for over a year), so a reading list didn't seem like too far out.

I do realize that I have simply to many fandoms and even substracting all the fandoms that haven't produced any fanfiction that I can find (amazing since there is such as a thing as Bible!fic), I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that at some point in time, I have watched all that stuff.

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