September 30th, 2007


Still here, Still no time

Especially since I'm now taking (or at least considering taking) two classes at the local community college - Conversation du soir (French evening conversation) and an English conversation class. The semester started last week and while it has been a nice change from the usual evening at home, lying on the couch watching sports TV, it was pretty exhausting and I'm still dealing with vertigo most days.

The school year at work started out with more kids than we've ever had. Last Wednesday we nearly had to send some of them home because there were no more chairs left! Considering that I had almost three months break from work, I had an easy enough start. There are some kids that try my patience (mainly the same as last year, although at least some of the trouble makers are now done with elementary school and hence out of my hair. Even with a new coworker, we are very much understaffed, especially since G hasn't bothered to show up this year. I don't know if he quit or found another job, but since he has no phone or internet, I haven't actually been able to talk to him.

Also, being burried in work, I nearly missed that the TV season has started again. Not that I actually have time to watch (but when has that ever stopped me?), but its all the more motivation to finish my end-of-course project this weekend. I still have two exams in mid-October that I'm in the process of revising for, organic chemistry and an interdisciplinary course 'Earth and Life'.

Yeah, I also have a cold. Hope it goes away before Monday.
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