October 18th, 2007



to Bro, who managed yet another A in this year's final exams!

And to myself, for getting through another year, although I'm pretty much just hoping for a pass ;-)
Freedom until Februar! Not sure what to do with all that time yet, but I'm sure I'll find something and I still have my job and the community college classes to keep me busy. And next month is November, meaning it's that time of the year again - NaNoWriMo. I'll probably do it again (for I think the fifth time in total). I'm sure it will be awesome (and horrible and full of writer's block and too much coffeine and sugar)
Right now, I have several unposted WIPs that I haven't looked at in over a month and a few embryonic story scriplets that are waiting to be written - including the sequel to last year's nano story. I'm sure my dear beta thinks I've fallen off the face of the earth by now.

This week, I'm just going to catch up with TV, email, the news and fic and prehaps even lj (altys, but I am thinking of taking a French class next year at the OU, in an attempt to broaden my course profile.hough that seems very daunting). I'm terribly out of the loop, in more ways than one. As I discovered, when you take a conversation course, you should have something to talk about. Other than what ARTE showed the previous night. I'm thinking of dropping the French class as it's pretty boring and the large group makes me uneasy anyways, but I'm thinking of taking a French class next year at the OU, in an attempt to add a language to my degree. But I have another eight week to decided what courses I'm going to take next year.
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