December 6th, 2007


I need to cut back on life in general, but that is unlikely to happen before the holidays are over

I was so down with my nerves yesterday (couldn't stop crying and all that), so I couldn't go to work. I've been working full weeks for a while now, maybe it's everything I did in November catching up with me. I need to cut back on everything. It doesn't help that I have a foc to write until the 10th and have barely started on x-mas shopping and mailing.

The Tuesday situation at work - we are only two people dealing with a whole classroom of students who can't do their homework on their own or who need help with studying for a test - a friend of N's (who has started this school year) has a friend who is willing to volunteer one or two afernoons AND has time on Tuesdays. Apparently he did pretty well for his first time yesterday.

I managed to make the reservation at the restaurant for the NaNoWriMo TGIO meeting. I just hope that everyone or nearly everyone will show up. I don't want to stress about this thing as welll, I have enough on my plate with work ,holiday shopping, appts and pharmacy runs due this week. I'm seeing Dr. S-D later today. I need to get her to write my script for a med that actuallly exists in that dosage. I was running around for days with her last bungled script until a very kind pharmacist (who gets A LOT of business from me as it is) gave me pills in double the strength that I could break in half. I'm not sure what the verdict is on the Abilfy. I have been taking it for a month now. I know what it doesn't do - it doesn't kill me straight dead like risperdal (still my favourite anti-psychotic ;-) and it doesn't calm down as well as seroquel, but I'm not sure what it does do. I need to come up with something since Dr. S-D is bound to ask that question.
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