February 7th, 2008

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Questions - @tlantis Archive

Is there anyone still interested / still needs the older files? There are a bunch of broken links and I don't really feel like uploading the files again.

In other news, despite not staying up to watch Torchwood last night, I managed to a have a remarkably bad night. I feel more tired than when I went to bed last night :-/

well, since I can't sleep anyways these days...

and going to bed early last night was pretty much a bust, I might as well watch TV tonight. It's weird, since there is no relying on my favorite US shows at the moment, I've started to check the TV guide on a regular basis.

As for tonight's offering: Ashes to Ashes doesn't really sound all that great - I mean, we kind of saw this before (although that seems to be the point of the premise). But since it's sci-fi-ish and one can never have enough sci-fi, I'll probably check it out.

Speaking of sci-fi, I have been re-watching some EFC episodes for a fic that I'm writing and it makes me almost sad to see how a perfectly good, even interesting premise was made into something which, apart from the first season maybe, is a total waste of time. I guess you never know ;-) The Gateverse, which revolves around a, at least to me, much less interesting premise / central idea than say EFC, turned out way better, even the recent seasons of SGA.

Plus, Trial and Retribution, unfortunately on at the same time, will probably be interesting if the first part was anything to go by.

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Looking better with age

Not so often the case, but after entertaining myself with The Knock the last couple of nights, I have to say that David Morrissey looks way better in State of Play than he did in The Knock.
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