May 24th, 2008

Jordan - pink

Yesterday - Summary

  • finished my taxes

  • my new juicer arrived, I'm very happy with it and made a delicious red juice (apple + beetroot + melon + peach) for breakfast this morning

  • watched Identity last night, it was very weird (movie review should be coming up later today)

  • did some grocery shopping

  • went running with L, my knees are still sore

  • found out there is a local shop selling vegan ice-cream (made from rice milk apparently), and it's actually very delicious

Doesn't look like much on the face of it, but I'm very happy that I finished with the taxes (for my work in Germany). They can be submitted on-line, but I want to check them over again, just in case I missed something. They are also to blame for the relative lack of fanfic the last two days, they took up much more time than I expected. There may be a BBQ later today, if the weather holds. So far, it's just plain hot ;-)

Movie Review - Identity (2003)

Well, this one was really, really weird. Pretty good, but weird still.

I started watching the movie without having a clue what it was about, but it seemed to be shaping up to a pretty standard horror flick - a storm traps a bunch of people at a motel and they are killed one by one. No surprises there, really. The only question was who was doing the killing )obviously not the convicted killer!) and who would be left by morning. But then it took a turn for the bizarre...

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